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Greg Burl appears in the Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

Greg Burl, a warranty and service contract veteran, recognized the need to elevate the standard, no small feat in an industry so deeply resistant to change. With 28 years of experience in numerous leadership roles, including Zurich Insurance and Amynta Warranty, Greg’s passion for innovation led him, alongside Rex Lyon, Jr., to cofound Titan Warranty Administration (TWA) in 2022 with one mission:  to reimage a bloated, overly complicated industry that had refused to budge. They delivered with Titan’s innovative client-focused, fully virtual, all-digital warranty and service contract model and the groundbreaking digital claims app that’s blazing a trail into the future—and already serving a growing number of automotive industry affiliates and approximately 10,000 businesses. “We knew there was a better way, and we built it,” Greg says.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, TWA specializes in creating and administering customized service contract and limited warranty programs, catering to franchised auto dealers, independent auto dealers, and RV dealers as well as financial institutions, consumer goods manufacturers, and distributors. As a web-based provider, TWA ’s operations are agile, streamlined, and built to enhance the customer experience—and help their clients thrive. Titan’s modern, user-friendly app allows consumers to easily file claims, access warranty documents, and engage directly with Titan warranty experts. For dealers, agents, and companies, a more efficient and transparent process translates into bottom-line value and greater customer loyalty. “We’re bringing amazing things to the warranty and service contracts industry,” Greg shares. As he leads the charge to transform the landscape, Greg and Titan have set a new benchmark for excellence in a sector long overdue for a modern makeover.

We sat down with Greg to learn more about TWA, what makes them so different, and what’s in store for the future.

How is TWA different from other warranty providers?

TWA is different in so many ways, both small and large, that when combined we truly are different from the norm. It starts with the fact that we are a fully virtual organization, all our employees are remote, and this has allowed us to scale quickly, and attract the very best talent from across the country. We built our company from the ground up, running the most advanced technology platforms and software programs, allowing for more efficiencies, seamless integrations, and the ability to develop and bring new products to market much faster than what is traditionally available. TWA also has strategic partnerships with best-in-class service providers in areas such as accounting, marketing, compliance, legal, and HR. We have the best and brightest working in these key areas, giving us the depth and breadth that the in-house teams of most of our competitors just don’t have.

You’ve reimagined the very definition of a service contract and warranty provider. What are some of your unique services and how are they bringing new value to your clients?

TWA offers a full range of unique services, from a white-label program all the way to a complete manuscript program. Other unique features of working with TWA are that we design our products with the end consumer in mind, providing them with induvial coverages that when combined create a unique coverage package that gives the consumer exactly what they want, this makes it easier for our distributors to sell and provide greater value to their customers. At TWA we distribute our products and programs a little differently; ultimately, we allow sellers to access TWA how they prefer, whether that is through an independent agent, broker, national trading group, employer, or directly with TWA without a middle party.

Titan’s innovative technology and game-changing mobile app have made the experience easy, simple, fast, and intuitive. Tell us a bit more about this. How does it work and how are your clients—and their consumers—are benefiting from it?

Digital engagement and a customer’s experience are where business is earned, kept or lost today. The buying and ownership experience of these valuable protection products is a cornerstone of our success.  Where most providers are providing a toll-free number to call with an option tree, and then into the hold queue and eventually a manual claim evaluation. TWA offers retail customers an app-based environment to manage and view their protection plans, easily communicate directly with TWA, and submit a claim. Additionally, our percentage-based indicator helps customers visualize the vehicle protection they currently have. A simple “Upgrade Coverage” button allows customers to browse any available protection plans for their vehicle and buy them directly in the app.

What’s on the horizon for Titan, Greg?

For the rest of 2023, Titan Warranty Administration is focused on executing three nationwide programs launched in late Q1, opening an exciting new corporate benefits distribution model for our protection products, expanding our offerings in consumer goods protection plans, and supplying administrative services for OEM product warranties.



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