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Introducing Titan Warranty Administration’s Groundbreaking Digital Claims App

Titan Warranty Administration is committed to changing the outdated warranty and service contract industry because “that’s the way we’ve always done it” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

To shake things up and create a suite of F&I products made for the modern world, they knew they had to leverage the latest technology and get digital.

Enter Titan’s new digital claims app on Google Play and the App Store now. The app is designed to streamline claims processing and extend the life of F&I sales.

Keep reading to learn more about the Titan Warranty Administration app that’s disrupting the status quo.

Greg Burl, Titan’s COO, says: The app is just the latest innovation Titan Warranty Administration has delivered. When combined with our streamlined digital sign-up and our state-of-the-art administration platform Titan really delivers on the technology front.

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Five Key Benefits of the TWA Digital Claims App

Improves Service Call Times

Improving efficiency is always a good thing, and that is precisely what the Titan app is designed to do.

Drivers and service advisors can file a claim directly on the app. This eliminates annoying phone calls and long waits to speak with a claims adjuster. In addition, not having to deal with hold times allows users to get back to business quickly.

2. Improve Customer Experience

The Titan Warranty app is exceptionally user-friendly. It was created to make filing a claim quick and easy. It’s as simple as logging in, snapping photos, and submitting the claim.

3. Extends the Life of F&I Product Sales

Our innovative app allows users to purchase additional F&I products after they leave the sales office without returning to the dealership.

Additionally, we offer dealer add-ons that allow them to send messages beyond the point of sale and the ability to set up a rewards program that incentives drivers to stay on top of routine car maintenance. This helps strengthen customer relationships and encourages them to return to the dealership.

4. Offers a Unified Platform

One of the app’s coolest consumer features is having all its protection agreements in one place. This eliminates annoying paperwork and makes finding the answers on our line of protection products easier. The app also allows consumers to communicate with Titan Warranty Administration easily and directly.

5. Creates a New Sales Differentiation

This app truly is one of the most novel innovations to hit the warranty and service contract industry in the past 40 years. Titan Warranty Administration
This is just one way we are elevating the industry standard to bring the best F&I products to you.

Contact Titan Warranty Administration Today

If you’re ready to elevate your vehicle service contract offerings, the team at Titan Warranty Administration would love to speak with you about our offerings and how we utilize the latest technology to upgrade your experience.

We are an entirely virtual, all-digital warranty and service contract provider in the Franchised Auto Dealer, Independent Auto Dealer, RV Dealer, and Financial Institutions markets. Titan is based out of Omaha, Nebraska, with teammates nationwide supporting our customers.

As a web-based provider, you and your customers can access our Help Center 24/7. When you need expert assistance, you can use our chat feature on our help center or phone us to talk with a team member to get the support you deserve. We understand that our service reflects on you, so you can depend on us to care for your customers as you would.

Operations are agile and streamlined, with no legacy infrastructure or bloated administration to make things more complicated than they should be. A more efficient process means more time to concentrate on core competencies and a quicker, easier customer experience. Reach out to us today to learn more about our customizable F&I product offerings.

Contact us today to learn more about the Titan Way!

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